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Welcome to our Unbiased AvatarBuilder review as A BETA TESTER of the software. So, let’s not wait any further and get started with our Avatar Builder review

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What is AvatarBuilder?

avatarbuilder review

AvatarBuilder is a next-gen 3D video animation, multilingual, artificial intelligence technology. It is extremely feature-rich and has features that are never seen before on any other app and in our AvatarBuilder review, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to decide if you should purchase the software or not

It is the world’s first 3D avatar customization app. The technology behind this is state of the art, and unique, which makes animations look super smooth and makes your brand more fun and engaging.

The best part is that you can make your very own 3D avatars using this app without any special training! You will have complete control over the customization process of your avatar.

With avatarbuilder, you will get unlimited access to all multilingual technologies and this will help you to reach customers globally.The AI does all the work for you with a click, it will perfectly lip sync the avatar to what you want it to say, all you will need to do is record your audio and paste it to the avatar. This software is great for freelancers and website developers who want their websites to be more engaging and fun to use, this also increases the interaction time people have with your website.





LAUNCH DATE: 06-01-2021








In our AvatarBuilder review, we found out that AvatarBuilder can be used to custom-make your own 3D avatar for any marketing goal to convey your message to the masses and grow your brand in a fun and engaging way. You have total control over the customization process.

Change the colors and look of clothing, hair, skin, accessories, and select from a wide variety of props like eyeglasses, shoes, watches, vests and more for unlimited design possibilities. Build a perfect 3D avatar spokesperson for your brand to fascinate, entertain and get you incredible results!




Features of AvatarBuilder


While reviewing AvatarBuilder, we found out that it offers you many new features that are not available in any other apps!
Their key features include:

3D Avatar Customization 

AvatarBuilder provides its users with this out of the box feature to customize the Avatar that they will be needing for their videos. You can edit the Avatar’s hair, clothes, and even the small things like its shoes, watch, and much more. This has never been seen before and is certainly enough to make AvatarBuilder stand apart from all the other apps on the market today! 

Pixar and Disney Style 3D Avatars

AvatarBuilder offers you the option to choose your own Avatars of any age, background, or ethnicities to deliver your message to the masses. 

These Avatars are simple and astonishingly captivating. 

Artificial Intelligence Smart Scene Creator

The AI actually works hours for you in minutes! 

All the time you used to spend on editing your video, will be done in minutes LITERALLY! It will convert your text into stunning video scenes, and produces voice-overs, and also builds mesmerizing videos in a jiffy! 

Hundreds of Video Templates

AvatarBuilder offers you many pre-built templates for your videos so that you don’t have to edit for hours. It will automatically divide your videos in scenes and edit according to that. 

Logo Mapping Technology

AvatarBuilder provides you with your own logos to boost confidence, credibility and sales. Nothing of this sort is available anywhere in the market. 

This Logo becomes a part of your Avatar and flexes with your Avatar. 

Multilingual Video Technologies

AvatarBuilder also gives you the option to convert your video to multiple languages so that you can reach out to even more people and impact on a larger level! 

Supportive Customer Support

AvatarBuilder has very vibrant and efficient customer support! Any problems you face, you can easily deal with the obstacles you face! 

Millions of royalty-free assets 

AvatarBuilder also provides its users with many templates and graphics that create the process of video creation more simple for you! 

Voice Recording Feature

AvatarBuilder offers you the feature to record your own voice for your video if you do not want to use the robotic voice to make your video more real and communicating.

Watermark for videos

AvatarBuilder has an amazing feature where you can add your own watermark to your videos. This lets you promote your brand in all the ways you can imagine. 

Honest and Unbiased AvatarBuilder Review

Honest review of Avatar builder

After using the Demo for AvatarBuilder, I was really impressed. Avatar is not like a software that you can load on your computer or laptop. They have made it a web-application, where you have to buy their license and use it after logging into their portal with your key. 

The Dashboard of AvatarBuilder is really well organised, which provides ease-of-access which helps working on it even more pleasant. AvatarBuilder has many new features that have never been seen in the market before and these features are what make AvatarBuilder even more demanding.

With the AvatarBuilder, you actually do hours of work in minutes! Their Ai, Text-to-speech software is really handy. On the other hand, Avatars also give a nice look to the video and if you use it well, it can be more captivating than normal videos! 

I was really impressed by the options of different templates AvatarBuilder provides us with. But their key feature, customizing our own Avatar, is really worth the hype! Once you choose the Avatar you want to use, be it a man, woman or child, you can customize their appearance according to your views, if you feel that a different appearance will have more impact on the masses when they see this! Also, customizing has been made very simple. You have all the buttons, sliders or colours you need to make your Avatar look the way you imagined first! 

AvatarBuilder has one more feature that really excited me! It was the AI, which automatically converts your text in a video, divides it into scenes and gives you the option to preview your video. This is the state of the art technology and also saves a lot of time as you do not have to put in hours of editing to make a small video, which does not always turn out to be perfect. This feature really saves a lot of time and helps you focus on other important things while you work on your project!  

About Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar (Creators of AvatarBuilder)

Paul Ponna is an award winning tech entrepreneur, author, consultant and speaker. He is the Founder of AvatarBuilder  and has over 14 years of experience online from Canada. He is also the founder of many million-dollar SAAS companies. He is also the top affiliate and vendor on JVZOO and clickBank!

Sid Diwar is also an experienced software developer, tech entrepreneur and a marketing consultant from Canada. He is the Co-Founder of AvatarBuilder. He works behind the scene designing marketing campaigns and product ideas that go on to become million dollar ventures! 

Paul Ponna and team have already delivered eight back-to-back million-dollar software launches which have had big impacts in the market. After listening to multiple feedbacks, Paul Ponna and Team have built this AvatarBuilder. This is a very unique idea and there is nothing  like the AvatarBuilder in the market. 

You can know more about Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar Here! You can also contact them about your different business ideas!

AvatarBuilder Review: Pricing and Upsells

Avatar Builder Pricing and Upsells
After a one time investment, avatarBuilder users will get UNLIMITED ACCESS to all it’s features. Some of them are:
  1. a custom visual avatar builder
  2. artificial intelligence scene creator 
  3. Disney style 3D avatars
  4. Upto 150 ready made video templates 
  5. State of the art logo mapping technology
  6. Custom video maker 
  7. More than 150 custom voices to give to your avatar
  8. Easy language translation
  9. Speech to text transcription
  1. Hundreds of Copyright free musics and videos 
  2. 720p high definition videos 
  3. Step by Step video training
  4. Commercial license 
  5. Permission to sell the videos
  6. Access to skype mentorship group
  7. Training webinars for 8 weeks
There are also some upgrades that you can add on, they are-

AvatarBuilder elite upgrade($49 one time payment)

 1. New 3D avatars for one year each month

2. Five premium avatars added instantly

3. Premium text effects and fonts

4. Premium stock image and video library

5.Unlimited Background Removal

6. Premium site transitions

7. Hundreds of premium music files

8. VIP customer support

9. Priority in video rendering

10. Priority to access future app updates.

AvatarBuilder agency upgrade($67 one time payment)

1. Double the length of videos(12minutes)

2. 1080p video rendering

3. Human voice overs on all of the videos 

4. It comes with pre built office cards, brochures, emails, fliers, etc.

5. Pre made client contracts

6. Five extra accounts

7. Tutorials to sell your videos for the best prices

AvatarBuilder Template hub upgrade($39 one time payment)

1. Brand New Video Templates from the hottest niches added to your account for  the year

2. Unlock 500+ new templates instantly 

AvatarBuilder voice pro upgrade($29 one time payment)

Unlock 100+ Premium male and female Text to speech voices in the most popular languages and accents. Instant access to 200+ human voiceovers on hottest niche topics

Demo of AvatarBuilder ?

As we’ve told you everything about AvatarBuilder, now you’d be wondering how it works, 

Here’ I’ll be showing you how to create a converting video in three steps with AvatarBuilder Simple!


Step 1: Select a sizzling hot video template

AvatarBuilder comes with 100s of Done-For-You video templates that can help maximize your revenue. I too, love templates and use them in my videos. Building from scratch doesn’t work for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Even mid-level businesses and fairly large businesses don’t use videos made from scratch as they’re time consuming and they have to publish videos daily on different social media platforms.

This shows our importance of time, and every penny saved is a penny earned. Hence, I want my readers to be cautious while buying such applications and have a look if they have templates on the checklist. AvatarBuilder saves a lot of hours and creates videos faster.


Step 2: Customize the selected video template

As the name suggests, you can create your own personalized 3d Avatar to convey your message to your audience, reflecting your brand and this can help you generate a lot more leads and profits. The customization of your characters is easy and gives you a complete control over the colours and look of skin, clothing, hair, accessories. Building a perfect 3d Avatar spokesperson for your brand comes in handy by picking different props like eyeglasses, watches, shoes and vests for your avatars.

Avatar Builder uses AI-Engine to create smart scenes. It automatically converts text into a stunning video via the Machine Learning AI. I would say that Paul Ponna and Sid Deewar have done a great job in implementing Machine Learning and I tried to create a video with three paragraphs of text input, and it worked like a charm. Choosing between text effects, animations and adding voice overs isn’t a big task with Avatar Builder because of their Text-to-speech and the Lip-Sync technology brought life to the 3d characters. The text-to-speech has become a base feature in their products recently, but it has evolved in AvatarBuilder with more characters, clarity and precision. I could see more local languages, which would help one in going global.


Step 3: Save and export the video

You can customize the video according to your needs by applying different text effects, fonts, animations, watermarks, and backgrounds and voice overs which pave a way for endless possibilities. After customizing, save and export it.

Should you buy AvatarBuilder ?

avatarbuilder review

YES! avatarBuilder is the invention of the new generation, it is going to boost the interaction time of people with your app or website. It will also give a premium look to your application.

There are unlimited uses of this app, and with the growing trend of E- Tubers, this app will gain popularity in no time at all.

This app will make your videos futuristic and it will help you to express your ideas easily since you will have your own custom avatar to explain it to people.

And with our link you will be able to avail all of the bonuses that we have mentioned.some of them are given below-


1. Ad tracking pro

This is a beta statistics app and testing system designed to give your website a boost


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This will enable you to learn youtube organic traffic, organic search, solo ads, and many more


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6. Facebook ad tracking

These videos will help you to discover what you will need to do before setting up your facebook ads.

We definitely recommend buying the AvatarBuilder software and you can get the software with our bonuses from the button below. If you liked our AvatarBuilder Review, consider subscribing to our newsletter.

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